Picture this: Sleeping in, going to work in your pajama, not having to worry how your hair looks, not even having to leave the house and then finishing at 2 o'clock - that surely sounds like an awesome day at work, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, most people don't have that luxury and need to wake up at the crack of dawn. Sitting in traffic for a long time and having to deal with a cranky boss when they finally arrive at work. Later finishing work after slaving for eight hours and off onto the road again, only to arrive at home tired and exhausted from the long day, with yet another couple of those ahead before the weekend starts.

Many people wish they could work from home and on top of that earn good money while doing so.

You can work from home and earn a decent amount of money. How?

Well, here are a few things that I have tried out:

  1. If you google for work from home jobs, you will mainly hit scam websites like PaidOnlineWritingJobs, whom I have already written aboutDo not trust sites that ask you to pay money in order for you to make money. There are plenty of websites out there, where you can register for free and start working right away. The best examples are Amazon's Mechanical Turk, Microworkers and Elance. Mechanical Turk provides great jobs, that can earn you a nice income. However South Africans have no option to get paid out in cash. Only Americans and Indians can withdraw cash. Users from any other country will receive an Amazon gift certificate equivalent to the amount that they've earned. Microworker and Elance both pay out via PayPal. Since PayPal is available in South Africa via FNB, this is one option to earn some extra cash on the side.
  2. Trymyui is also a great way of making money online. All you need is a computer with a microphone and you are sorted. You will do website reviews via an audio recording and will receive $10 for each review. Sounds great, doesn't it? In order to earn R10.000 you'll only need to do about 143 tests a month. Working Monday to Friday for 6 hours a day, that means you'll need to do 5 tests an hour. This can easily be done, as one test takes between 10 - 15 minutes at a time.                                Too good to be true? Yes! ...Unfortunately Trymyui use Amazon's Mechanical Turk for users to access their tests. Another issue is that the demographics are mostly set to US residents only. I have been on trymyui for over 2 months now and only been invited to do 1 test thus far. I did get my $10, but it is in my Mechanical Turk account, meaning I can only use it to buy stuff on Amazon.com.
  3. You can work for a company who requires you to work from home. I have recently tried that out for two different companies and if you are able to do the work, you are guaranteed the income at the end of the month. Where do you find those positions? Well, the one position was posted on Gumtree. It was a foreign company, who was looking for foreign language speakers to work from home in South Africa. All you needed to have is of course the foreign language skill, a computer and internet access. They advertised a part time position, that required 5-6 hours work per day for a total salary of R10.000 net.                                                                                                                       The other company, was looking for agents to support their business. The requirements are the same, a computer with internet access and some experience in the industry. I found this job on Google, while googling for work from home jobs. I filtered for sites from South Africa only and happend to land on a company's website, whom had posted this job alert on their own site. Compared to the other position, the income stream is unlimited and depends on how hard you work.

Websites such as Mechanical Turk, Elance, Microworkers or Trymyui are really great to make some extra money on the side, but unless you live in the US, you will probably not be able to make your sole income by working through them.

Stay away from websites who offer you a great income working from home, where you are promised a minimal time effort and streams of money flooding in. This is either an illegal pyramid scheme or they will require you to pay money in order to have access to their database and secrets of making money online.

Ultimately, if you want to make money working from home, you will still have to work hard just like any other person. The benefits if course are plenty, like being with your children or pets all day and not having to travel. On the other hand, there might be some disadvantages, like not having colleagues to talk to.

The best option yet to work from home, is to find an actual company, which either exists in South Africa or a country that you are familiar with (have been born in or know the culture). Now a days, in the age of technology and rapid internet access, many companies resort to having people work for them remotely. It just makes business sense not having to rent expensive office space and equipment. Many foreign companies open branches in South Africa to forgo the high minimum wage requirements and rocketing employment taxes in their countries.

Whatever you decide to do, be it working from home or being office based, you will need to work hard in order to make a good income.

Making money online

Working from home and making money online as a sole income is not as easy as it sounds, but it is possible. I am not saying that you'll become the next Mark Zuckerberg or Andrew Mason and will earn millions. But you can supplement your income or even get your sole income by working online.

We have touched on making money online in the blog article about paid online writing jobs.
There are literally thousands of online writing jobs out there. The most legitimate sites to work for are Elance and Amazon's Mechanical Turk. Payment is guaranteed, however if you work any of the jobs on Mechanical Turk, unless you live in the USA or India, you will not be able to get paid out into your bank account. Workers from countries other than the USA and India can only convert the money they make into an Amazon.com gift certificate.

Another way of making money online is to start up your own group buying website a la Groupon. Consider though, that you will need to go out and get deals and if the site is not going to be just a small  Groupon-clone, you'll most likely have to employ sales personnel and spend money on advertising.

If you live in a country where the group buying industry is not yet established you will do well in starting such a site a.s.a.p. Who knows, at a later stage Groupon might even buy you for a few million.
But hurry, Groupon spreads like a virus and who knows when it infects you.

In South Africa for example, group buying has only become popular during the later half of 2010. Sites who were preparing to go online late 2010 / early 2011 had already come to late. Little did they know that small local group buying site Twangoo had approached Groupon for a buyout and cut a deal for a few million Rand. Groupon hit South Africa in early 2011 and right away many other group buying websites started emerging. Entering the market with no budget, after Groupon and with a few other major players already established, makes no sense. The main players in the market are backed by big media houses and multimillion Rand companies, who have the money to advertise on TV and radio stations.

There are other more subtle ways to make money online, like joining Leapforce and becoming a qualified-at home independent agent. They offer jobs like Search Engine Evaluation, available in different languages like English, German and French.

If you want to play it on the morally rather shady side, consider entering into the sex trade. Even during the recession the industry was still booming. There are many options, that offer a lucrative income - running an adult dating website, an escort service or a porn website.

Whichever way you decide to earn your income online, be aware of scammers like PaidOnlineWritingJobs.com who require you to make a payment before you can start working. There are many free sites that allow you to start working and earning money immediately.

Be prepared to invest a lot of time and hard work before you will start earning your sole salary online.


Beware! - www.PaidOnlineWritingJobs.com a Scam.

What's the best job you can imagine doing?
For most people it would be doing the absolute minimum and getting paid big bucks while doing so.
People flock to Google, searching for "make cash online", "make money from home", "get instant cash", and many more similar keyword phrases. If you have ever thought about getting into the online writing business, would have likely gotten many hits on Google. Such jobs are writing blog posts, SEO articles, re-writing of articles, proof reading and so on. The top featured websites on Google promise you that you can earn your entire income online.

One of such websites is PaidOnlineWritingJobs. They tell you that their website has a database of thousands of online writing jobs that can be started immediately, and you can start earning money right away. On the homepage you’ll find a big button that says "Click here to search jobs".

Sounds all really good, of course you assume you can just search for a job and write away and the cash will come pouring in.

Oh yes, but once you click on the SEARCH button you'll be asked whether you are a member yet. Of course, you’ll click - NO.
Next you would expect a sign-up page to pop open, but instead you are presented with the latest available writing jobs from their database. Naturally you are going to spend a few minutes browsing to figure out which of the jobs is best suited for you and your set of skills.

When clicking on CLICK TO APPLY, you are asked to either sign in if you are already a member or provide your details below - next hit APPLY NOW.
Easy, isn't it?

Now you can start writing and earn cash, right? - NO!
You will be re-directed yet again and after reading through a whole lot of Bla Bla about how great it is to get paid for online writing jobs, finally get asked to join the site!

All you need to do is pay the 1 Dollar Administration fee and you can join PaidOnlineWritingJobs’ three-day fast track training program.
The training normally costs 49.95 Dollars and after your three-day training you even have the option to become a life-time member of PaidOnlineWritingJobs for 77 Dollars.

You have the option to pay the 49.95 Dollars once off or pay just 1 Dollar and pay for the rest with the cash you’ll receive for your first online writing job.

Once you pay the 1 Dollar to get started with the training, while in the payment screen a future payment of 77 Dollars gets reserved on your credit card.

If you went through these steps you are now a member and start your three-day training program on the following day. Each day you can only see the info for the specific training day you are on.
On day two you’ll receive your first online writing job, which will pay for the rest of your training if you have chosen to pay only 1 Dollar at signing up.
While on the training, you are also supplied with apparent insight information and plenty of PDFs to read about online writing jobs. Trying to open the actual PDFs will take you to a site that doesn't exist.
Throughout the entire training program you are being prepared for Day 4, when you'll finally have access to the database with thousands of online writing jobs.

When training is finally completed, you will be disappointed to find out that all the jobs on THEIR apparently enormously big database are actually linking to Elance. After completing the training program and writing two SEO articles for PaidOnlineWritingJobs, you will also discover that your bank account has been debited with 77+1 Dollar.

Ultimately you’ll have paid 78 Dollars to be told stuff you already know and to be linked to Elance, which you can access for free by simply going to www.elance.com.
How frustrating it is to realize that you have fallen prey to a scam by PaidOnlineWritingJobs.

But, luckily their website has a 100% money back guarantee advertised, thus all you’ll need to do is open a support ticket and ask for your money back. Of course there is no contact number or address, but you can send an email.

Disappointingly, a canned reply from “Amy” will have to suffice. And responding with bad language will lead to a Mail Delivery failure. Bothering PaidOnlineWritingJobs too often by opening one support ticket after the other will lead to exclusion from the use of their support system.

In conclusion, avoid PaidOnlineWritingJobs.com, it's a scam that will even catch out online-savvy people. It’s easy to think to yourself that 1 Dollar is such little money that it won't hurt trying it out. Unfortunately you do not realize that the 77 Dollars are reserved on your credit card for later debit. And you will certainly not get your money back within the money back guarantee promised on their website.

If you really want to earn some extra cash working online from home, try out Elance or Amazon's Mechanical Turk. Those websites are free and offer genuine paid online writing jobs. They can be accessed from anywhere in the world and pay real money. There is no such thing as a quick buck – unless you are highly skilled or put in a lot of time and work.