Beware! - a Scam.

What's the best job you can imagine doing?
For most people it would be doing the absolute minimum and getting paid big bucks while doing so.
People flock to Google, searching for "make cash online", "make money from home", "get instant cash", and many more similar keyword phrases. If you have ever thought about getting into the online writing business, would have likely gotten many hits on Google. Such jobs are writing blog posts, SEO articles, re-writing of articles, proof reading and so on. The top featured websites on Google promise you that you can earn your entire income online.

One of such websites is PaidOnlineWritingJobs. They tell you that their website has a database of thousands of online writing jobs that can be started immediately, and you can start earning money right away. On the homepage you’ll find a big button that says "Click here to search jobs".

Sounds all really good, of course you assume you can just search for a job and write away and the cash will come pouring in.

Oh yes, but once you click on the SEARCH button you'll be asked whether you are a member yet. Of course, you’ll click - NO.
Next you would expect a sign-up page to pop open, but instead you are presented with the latest available writing jobs from their database. Naturally you are going to spend a few minutes browsing to figure out which of the jobs is best suited for you and your set of skills.

When clicking on CLICK TO APPLY, you are asked to either sign in if you are already a member or provide your details below - next hit APPLY NOW.
Easy, isn't it?

Now you can start writing and earn cash, right? - NO!
You will be re-directed yet again and after reading through a whole lot of Bla Bla about how great it is to get paid for online writing jobs, finally get asked to join the site!

All you need to do is pay the 1 Dollar Administration fee and you can join PaidOnlineWritingJobs’ three-day fast track training program.
The training normally costs 49.95 Dollars and after your three-day training you even have the option to become a life-time member of PaidOnlineWritingJobs for 77 Dollars.

You have the option to pay the 49.95 Dollars once off or pay just 1 Dollar and pay for the rest with the cash you’ll receive for your first online writing job.

Once you pay the 1 Dollar to get started with the training, while in the payment screen a future payment of 77 Dollars gets reserved on your credit card.

If you went through these steps you are now a member and start your three-day training program on the following day. Each day you can only see the info for the specific training day you are on.
On day two you’ll receive your first online writing job, which will pay for the rest of your training if you have chosen to pay only 1 Dollar at signing up.
While on the training, you are also supplied with apparent insight information and plenty of PDFs to read about online writing jobs. Trying to open the actual PDFs will take you to a site that doesn't exist.
Throughout the entire training program you are being prepared for Day 4, when you'll finally have access to the database with thousands of online writing jobs.

When training is finally completed, you will be disappointed to find out that all the jobs on THEIR apparently enormously big database are actually linking to Elance. After completing the training program and writing two SEO articles for PaidOnlineWritingJobs, you will also discover that your bank account has been debited with 77+1 Dollar.

Ultimately you’ll have paid 78 Dollars to be told stuff you already know and to be linked to Elance, which you can access for free by simply going to
How frustrating it is to realize that you have fallen prey to a scam by PaidOnlineWritingJobs.

But, luckily their website has a 100% money back guarantee advertised, thus all you’ll need to do is open a support ticket and ask for your money back. Of course there is no contact number or address, but you can send an email.

Disappointingly, a canned reply from “Amy” will have to suffice. And responding with bad language will lead to a Mail Delivery failure. Bothering PaidOnlineWritingJobs too often by opening one support ticket after the other will lead to exclusion from the use of their support system.

In conclusion, avoid, it's a scam that will even catch out online-savvy people. It’s easy to think to yourself that 1 Dollar is such little money that it won't hurt trying it out. Unfortunately you do not realize that the 77 Dollars are reserved on your credit card for later debit. And you will certainly not get your money back within the money back guarantee promised on their website.

If you really want to earn some extra cash working online from home, try out Elance or Amazon's Mechanical Turk. Those websites are free and offer genuine paid online writing jobs. They can be accessed from anywhere in the world and pay real money. There is no such thing as a quick buck – unless you are highly skilled or put in a lot of time and work.

18/10/2011 12:37:30 pm

how can i stop them before it's my 3rd day training.just send them in email?pls. help. your response is really appreciated.Thank you!

18/10/2011 03:41:48 pm

Hi jing,

I'm sorry to hear that you also fell for them.
In my case all attempts to contact them and ask for a refund were fruitless. The replies are canned and they avoid answering specific questions.
I ended up contacting my credit card provider to action a refund from their side.

I did write the two SEO articles on day 2 of my training and submitted them. Basically PaidOnlineWritingJobs received free work from me. It's up to you if you write the articles or not, but first thing you should contact your CC provider to find out if they can retract the transaction.

muhammad javaid
16/7/2012 02:19:24 pm

13/2/2013 01:17:32 am

Thank you for letting me know this is Scam. In case your purchase is within 60 days return period you can contact clickbank with the clickbank receipt no for your purchase and raise a ticket and get the money refunded by clickbank. I once purchased a online system which was also a scam and same as amy, the seller never replied for my emails requesting for refund and finally i contacted clickbank and got the money refunded in 4-7 Business days.

7/11/2011 08:48:24 pm

All you said is true.I passed through all the trainings and procedures but at the end of it all,nothing good came out.Paidonlinewritingjobs is a scam ampa.

Jacqueline Bek
12/2/2012 12:01:50 am

Well, thank god, at last the real deal on Fortunately I did NOT subscribe, although initially I thought I might. But it sounded a bit suspect to me, & all efforts to contact them beforehand wouldn't go through. I hope this info gets spread all over the internet. What a bunch of a**holes! Thanks for the truth

9/4/2012 04:43:22 pm

Thansk for saving so many people from this scam site. Seeekers of online work should realize that if it were easy to get well paying writing jobs online, then there wouldn't be competitive bidding on and

22/4/2012 01:24:10 am

Thanks for this review on this scam site. I was about to fall prey just a few minutes back until I decided to check out for a review on the Thanks that I haven't fallen victim much as i had already confirmed subscription...phew! The guys have not gotten my money. I encourage every visitor to this site to like the article so that others do not get scammed, Thanks indeed!

7/5/2012 09:30:21 pm

I really though it was a "normal" job, because I found the advert on... LINKEDIN!
Without reading this article, I would have been cheated!

5/8/2012 02:20:17 am

I found them on LINKEDIN too! Unfortunately, I fell for it. I've lost my $77, and can only let this be a lesson in 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is'. Wish I'd read this first! I shall be posting up a 'beware' notice on Linkedin asap.

22/5/2012 02:28:57 am

Wow I had been looking at this as a way to make some extra money.I am glad that I did,nt fall into this scam.Is there anything that one can do to get paid online beside surveys and having a web page?

19/6/2012 09:14:15 pm

Hi, there. Thank you so much for your insight. I had just filled in the forms and was thinking of paying the $1. But thought should find out whether its not a scam. Clicking on Google, i land on your site. Thank God for you.
May the LORD be praised.

1/7/2012 10:09:10 pm

Hi my sister told me about this site and i followed suite but am yet to see if its a total scam and if it is am glad i google the web.

31/7/2012 08:40:31 am

Went thru the whole process myself , the minute they asked for money I new it was a scam, why wud you have to pay for sumthing if it was so lucrative according to them ?? did check by googling this , so thanks .. Makes you think this is great! Extra money! Playing on the vulnerable .. Shitheads :(

j masiulewicz
17/10/2012 03:21:37 am

You are so right. I questioned the "training". I've been writing professionally for over twenty years - are you now going to train me how to write? Or is the training on how to navigate their website? Scam all around.

12/8/2012 01:38:50 pm

Thank you for the article. I was thinking of signing up for it, but then thought to do a search and this article popped up so I figured I'd look at it. Sorry for everyone who did fall for it :( it's just a lesson to remind you to remember to google sites, because some people are idiotic scammers that just want to steal people's money :(

27/8/2012 05:58:18 pm

thanks for the info.. i was just about to avail their training program...

9/9/2012 08:13:17 am

thanks for the information decided to google first

18/9/2012 12:55:38 am

Very well said. Thanks for this detailed review. I'm currently doing research on this site and I'm glad I found your article. Might help to spread the word.

Patrick D.
2/10/2012 08:46:02 pm

Thanks for the warning. I almost fell for it.

8/10/2012 05:58:56 pm

thanks almost fell for it..

16/10/2012 06:01:19 pm

The rationale behind why we have an upfront fee is because it requires a lot of work to sustain the training and job search functionality in a website such as this. Also it keeps out people who are not serious about online writing jobs.

To be specifically straight forward on issues like being able to earn in three days or those who are expecting to earn in three days time, a member should know that the first three days are intended for training purposes only, meaning this is not the earning phase . On the fourth day, you will be given access to our VIP page if you choose to continue your membership, that is the time, you get to see the list of jobs where you can choose to apply to.

The benefit of this is that you get to search and apply for all of the best writing jobs from a range of different websites without ever having to leave the members area.

If in any case you sense that you do not like to go on with your membership, you can contact our customer support and request for account cancellation and refund. is a legit company and we honor our commitment to 60 days money back guarantee within clickbank's policy

17/10/2012 03:18:49 am

I've been writing professionally for over 20 years. What kind of "training" could you possibly offer me?
And if you were truly a legit company, you'd have a big banner on the top of your white page stating "You can avoid all the useless training and wasted money and just go ahead and sign into Elance for FREE".

17/10/2012 04:32:49 am

That is such BS! Why do you think I wrote the truth in this blog article about you, huh?!?!
Ok - if you are so legit, then how about you give all of us that fell for you our money back! After all you have a money-back guarantee an it's apparently so easy do get hold of you to get the money back...uhu. Kid you not! Morons!

I'll leave your stupid comment on my blog, so other people can write their piece!

j masiulewicz
17/10/2012 03:15:24 am

Thanks so much for getting the word out about this scam. I've been writing professionally for over twenty years, the latter half predominantly online. There are alot of great job source sites on the web (Elance is by far the tops), but POWJ,com is definitely not one of them. Here's how far their scam extends. If you use a search engine to look for reviews about the site, the first three or four to pop up on Goog or Bing are glowingly positive. I noticed that many of these review sites sounded alike and used the same stilted American english most often found in those "The President of Uganda has $6billion for you" spams. I had one of my geek friends trace the IP addresses of these review sites. Many of them are from the same source as POWJ!!!!!!! These morons are posting their own fake reviews online. What a scam.

17/10/2012 04:34:02 am

Thank you. I suggest that you write a negative review/blog article about them too. The more the merrier!

LaShonda A.
21/10/2012 01:52:15 pm


25/1/2013 09:26:53 pm

very good information, thank you for sharing ..

20/4/2013 11:24:44 pm

Wow thank you so much for being a life saver. This link was actually recommended by my friend and it's good I tried to search it first hand before trying it. I might share your blog to my facebook account (if you'll allow me) so that they could also be aware of it. Thanks.

25/8/2013 04:15:20 pm

thanks. the reviews were very helpful...

25/8/2013 06:37:41 pm

Thanks for the warning. You've provided a good public service by posting your review.


18/10/2013 06:39:03 pm

This is very helpful, but they've changed the pitch to $47 for training. Also, the pitch about explosive demand for online writing is misleading, because there is explosive supply. The web piece is very professionally created and narrated.
I do not recommend either Elance or Amazon as worthwhile. There are very few actual writing opportunity on Turk, and Elance collects bids from hundreds of thousands of people around the world for entities that don't want to pay for the work, and the vast bulk of the projects are unbelievably stupid to begin with. Thanks again.

19/10/2013 01:05:27 am

I nearly fall a victim of these scammers. thank you very much for this info.

Don Hargraves
14/4/2014 03:17:06 pm

And to think that I was actually about to bite on their offer. Thanks for your article, they're still trying to catch people.

15/5/2014 12:58:49 pm

I'm so lucky I have stumble your blog. I am in one step to join this scamming POWJ. when I google it I have found this article. This will really help others not to join this scammers site.

Thanks alot for sharing!!

27/5/2014 08:44:00 am

You should also be aware of, seems also to be a scam that just wants your money! if you know websites that is actually showing real freelancejobs , please let me know!

[email protected]

6/6/2014 04:34:53 pm

Thank you, I searched google on this paid writing job site and came to your site. Thanks for the wonderful awareness post. You have saved thousands on this scam. I was just about to register on that site, but I love to do a bit of research before I get in all these fake scams postings.

29/8/2014 06:13:23 am

Thanks for sharing .....

23/9/2014 12:44:26 pm

Too late for me!!!... I just blew $55.00...Now I read your blog!!!... Why am I so stupid???...

gary furnas
2/10/2014 12:49:19 am

I wanted to know what you charge for writing blogs, research, articles etc. Just trying to gauge where I should be price wise for Elance work. Thanks so much for your input. Regards, Gary

7/1/2015 06:49:17 pm

Thank you guys for sharing, you just save me a lot of deal from those scams.

22/6/2015 05:46:10 pm

Me i just want to join you but where can i click as a new member so that i can join.

30/6/2015 04:18:30 am

I've learned the HARD way to ALWAYS look for reviews about anything
I'm about to buy. And I never buy if I can't use Pay Pal ever.
Thank you

yaqub sabir
18/2/2016 04:27:03 am

Thanks I am saved, but please tell me the right website or URL to work on line for earning. Yaqub Sabir

19/2/2016 02:10:58 am

Thank you so much for this blog post, I kept getting emails from the and I've been taken for a fool quite a few times while trying to find a viable way to work from home (I really would rather stay home with my 8 month old daughter than have to put her in daycare so I can work outside the house)...and I was exploring their sign in page for the writingjobs website, and it all just looked too...fake. At least I can say that my radar has been finely honed to pick up on this scamming malarkey, I just wish I hadn't had to go through being scammed in order to become more aware. I will share this post with my facebook friends and family to hopefully clue them in just in case they come across this sort of thing!! You are a blessing, thank you for all that you do! <3

25/4/2016 10:18:47 am

To check whether a site is legit usually, I do follow a simple checklist to see how well they do, especially when I need to part money with the site;

1) Does the site have a current SSL certificate?
2) Use to check the whois information and check whether the contact information matches with the one in the website.
3) In the domain contact details, is there a valid email address.
4) Is there a valid phone number visible, and does it work ?
5) Go through review about them using and check whether they are scam free.

If I am satisfied with the result then I purchase a small priced article and if it is delivered safely and promptly then I go to purchase my desired product. You also can follow the steps that I do...In general, anyone who is trying to do legitimate business on the web will go out of their way to try and make it clear that they are legitimate. So if a site has not even done the bare basics to give customers enough confidence to buy they're products, then it is almost certainly some sort of scam.

Michael Gould
26/5/2016 05:04:17 pm

Thanks! You've saved me a lot of grief.

2/6/2016 11:24:25 pm

Whew, good thing I search online if is a legit company and I saw this. Thank you for warning people about scammers. Keep it up!

26/6/2016 08:23:42 pm

They are spammers. I get spam emails from these guys from my contact form every so often!

24/7/2016 04:32:40 pm

good post. very helpful to work at home. thanks

30/12/2016 10:59:27 am

Thanks. You saved me. Saw an ad on Craigslist and I almost went for it.

Anil Kumar
11/4/2017 04:49:57 am

Thank you for the article, actually this is good information for us.


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